Dallas Infertility Doctors

Many women turn to our caring, experienced OB/GYN physicians when looking for Dallas infertility doctors. Have you spent months or even years trying to conceive? Our board-certified obstetric and gynecologic physicians will perform a comprehensive physical evaluation, perform initial infertility testing, and discuss any genetic risk factors. Let our Dallas infertility specialists help you understand the reasons for a delayed or lost pregnancy.

Preconceptual Counseling

The decision to become pregnant is an important and life-changing one. If you are considering pregnancy, Women’s Health Specialists offers preconceptual screening and counseling, which can help identify and address genetic and other causes of infertility.

  • genetic counseling
  • analysis of your peak fertility times
  • genetic carrier screening

Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment

Male infertility accounts for a significant amount of infertility cases. For women, your chances of becoming pregnant drop after the age of 35. We’ll conduct imaging studies to identify any anatomical irregularities, run blood work to determine if there are hormonal imbalances that could be causing fertility barriers, order a semen analysis for your partner and discuss the best way to help you achieve the safest, most effective path to parenthood. Whatever the cause, the board-certified OB/GYN physicians at our Dallas-based women’s healthcare practice will work with you to enhance your fertility based upon your unique circumstances, including:

  • ovulation induction
  • ultrasounds
  • semen analysis
  • parental genetic carrier screening
  • referral to a Dallas reproductive endocrinologist/fertility specialist