Treatment of Heavy Periods


If you are interested in options for treatment of heavy, irregular and painful periods in Dallas, the OB/GYN doctors at Women’s Health Specialists can answer your questions and determine a way forward. Every woman’s period is different, but conditions such as pregnancy, perimenopause, hormonal imbalance, infection, abnormal ovarian or uterine tumors (both benign and cancerous) and other chronic health issues can result in abnormal – and unpleasant – menstrual bleeding.

Treatment of Heavy Periods and Abnormal Bleeding

Heavy periods are a common problem and our Dallas-based OB/GYN physicians evaluate and treat patients with abnormal periods on a daily basis. There are many potential causes of abnormal bleeding; the treatment will depend on the identified cause. Treatment of infections with antibiotics can significantly improve irregular bleeding or pain symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy can treat the symptoms of menopause, which sometimes include abnormal menstrual bleeding. Other hormones, such as combination estrogen and progesterone contraception like the birth control pill, can regulate your period and reduce heavy bleeding. Other birth control such as the Mirena intra-uterine contraceptive (IUC) can also be helpful controlling heavy or painful periods.

Heavy menstrual bleeding may also be caused by growths inside the uterus called endometrial polyps. In these cases, surgery such as hysteroscopy or dilation and curettage (D&C) may be recommended for polyp removal. Uterine fibroids or adenomyosis can also cause heavy and painful periods.

Endometrial ablation can improve or eliminate the symptoms of abnormal bleeding. Novasure is a popular method of endometrial ablation and can be performed in the day surgery center located in our Dallas OB/GYN practice. Sometimes fibroid removal (myomectomy) is recommended as primary treatment. Other times hysterectomy, a procedure which eliminates the inconvenience and discomfort of abnormal bleeding is recommended.

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