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Women's Health Specialists of Dallas Rockwall Office

Starting September 2013 we are extending our office hours in ROCKWALL one Saturday a month from 8:30 to 12:00!

Services Available in Rockwall

Obstetrics (OB)

Important information for current and future OB patients of our Rockwall location.

Please read and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Gynecology (GYN)

A Full array of Gynecological services for women of all ages is provided on-site

Infertility Treatment

Several different treatment options are available


Standard, travel-related and more for all ages.

Cervical Dysplasia Treatment

Trust WHS of Dallas, we've treated CD for 13 years

Welcome to Women's Health Specialists of Dallas' Rockwall Location

We love being in Rockwall and look forward in taking great care of its residents and the surrounding areas for many years to come.

We are an Obstetrics (OB) and Gynecology (GYN) practice dedicated to meeting each woman's needs. We recognize that every woman is a unique individual, and provide each of our patients with the best healthcare possible.

Our OB/GYN physicians have been serving the Dallas community for more than 20 years. Our new Rockwall location offers a variety of services in our offices and most OB services can be handled in Rockwall with the exception of actual delivery procedures.

Women's Health Specialists of Dallas is poised to take care of all of your health care needs. We offer annual exams, including physicals, pap-smears, colposcopy and immunizations. Routine screenings such as mammograms, colonoscopies, laboratory tests and bone density scans are also offered. Our physicians manage many common medical problems, and work closely with specialists when needed.

A special note for our future and current WHS Dallas - Rockwall location patients

Welcome to Women's Health Specialists of Dallas - Rockwall office. We are excited about serving our patients at our new location in Rockwall, however we will still be performaing all of our deliveries, admissions and gynecologic surgeries at Texas Heath-Presbyterian Hostpital of Dallas.

Women's Health Specialists of Dallas has operated out of Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas for over 25 years. We at WHS Dallas pride ourselves on being able to manage even the highest risk pregnancies, including those that may not start out that way. Texas Health Presbyterian Hostpital of Dallas' neonatal intensive care unit is one of the most renowned centers for caring for sick or premature newborns. In Labor and Delivery there is a dedicated, board-certified anethesiologist at all times, assisted by certified nurse anesthetists, all working to ensure the comfort of obstetric patients. We enjoy a wide variety of expertise and broad referral base at TH-Dallas which we feel is an asset to our practice and our patients.

We currently have five physicians in our group that share "On-call" responsibilities. We feel that it is important for each obstetric patient to meet each of our doctors. This way patients will be familiar with all of us. There are two ultrasound appointments routinely done in each pregnancy that will be performed in the WHS Dallas office.

We look forward to developing and continuing our patient care relationships both at our Dallas-based practice, and new Rockwall location.